Sea Breeze: an archive

And so the show was done.

Alarmingly it is almost six weeks ago now but in the interim we have been gathering together our objects and memories for the exhibition at the Peter Scott Gallery at Lancaster University. This is now installed and only waiting for one last piece of work before the preview at 6.30pm on Thursday 17th October.

It is an altogether quieter and more reflective thing, assembling the exhibition (the archive), following the high drama of the show; the last minutes of making it and the tension and release of its presentation. We haven’t written about it, perhaps out of tiredness, or not quite knowing what to say, or maybe because so many other people have written such lovely things about it and we’re a little overwhelmed.

In time we shall. It feels as though there might be a book and perhaps there will be a reprise of the show itself… Watch this space! (Or perhaps some other forum that is slightly more regularly updated! LiveatLICA would be a good bet…) For now, thank you to everyone who came, and for all the extraordinary responses we have received. And do come and see the exhibition.


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